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#6 Overall Ranking
49,081 Kills
19,584 Deaths
2.51 KDR
911 Performance
469.7 Score per Minute
Rust last map played
12 hour(s) played
24560 month(s) since first connection
56 day(s) since last connection
54 connections
563 Messages
[NBS] Rust Sniping [US] last server played
3 day(s) ago
Unbanned G[s] Frost for probably an event order bug
30 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned 3b ariix for SPAM
Temporarily banned tgdisthatyou? for SPAM
Temporarily banned FragsAreUs for SPAM
38 day(s) ago
Banned 0x00000076 for texture or wallhacking
52 day(s) ago
Banned cancer for no recoil (abruptly)
56 day(s) ago
> you arent even using ninja
58 day(s) ago
Unbanned Soupe for demo review
62 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned Sprocket for toxic
64 day(s) ago
> n
> join super late and still win
Unbanned fnmkr for video review
66 day(s) ago
Banned goodsiing for multihack
74 day(s) ago
Unbanned Hackerman for video review
80 day(s) ago
Banned RajaNirmal for no recoil
83 day(s) ago
Banned Lmao for no recoil
Unbanned Lmao for gah
Temporarily banned Lmao for no recoil
Unbanned Lmao for no recoil
88 day(s) ago
Unbanned zen for probably false positive
90 day(s) ago
Kicked by IW4MAdmin for Your favorite servers are outdated. Please re-add the server.
13 week(s) ago
> dont]
> inbread
> you typed it in the console right? a little bar comes up at the top
> yeah
> its the key below escape
> also open the console
> dont use seta
> I dont remember that long command you wrote
> thats an example