long guy
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#0 Overall Ranking
50,298 Kills
19,365 Deaths
2.6 KDR
913 Performance
472 Score per Minute
42 hour(s) played
24586 month(s) since first connection
21 week(s) since last connection
255 connections
699 Messages
Sub Base last map played
[NBS] Normal Maps [EU] last server played
5 day(s) ago
Banned kunfu for wallhacking exodus
18 day(s) ago
Unbanned bobbe for waa
Unbanned Moziv for false positive
Banned by IW4MAdmin for You appear to be cheating
Banned kHole for removed linked account and rebanning this one
Unbanned SandroZumer for idk maybe recycled ip
22 day(s) ago
Banned CoLd Qs for wallhacking - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyltzatOX7U&list=UUW5su9Yv0Ezq-c84u8re_SQ
Unbanned Homer for wa
23 day(s) ago
Banned Frost' for wallhacking - https://clips.twitch.tv/SpicyPuzzledDaikonWutFace
Unbanned RzVibration for probably fp
24 day(s) ago
Unbanned Captain Blak for apology video - https://youtu.be/WNjbTTD3o4M
26 day(s) ago
Banned extremesniiper for no recoil
31 day(s) ago
Unbanned Laegerie for missing demo for game, but reviewed other server demos, seems ok
33 day(s) ago
Unbanned jaksart for looks like a false positive from demos
37 day(s) ago
Unbanned PURE for probably fp
39 day(s) ago
Unbanned MGNES for ebr probably false positive
41 day(s) ago
Banned AGFY for Your GUID is generic. Go to nbsclan.org/discord to fix your game.
Banned vkris for Linked account issue. Go to nbsclan.org/discord to fix your game.
Unbanned vkris for changing reason
44 day(s) ago
Banned SoDStearex for wallhacking -shino
50 day(s) ago
Unbanned Pogo for maybe fp, also too old to ask for demos