long guy
#0 overall ranking
50,298 total kills
19,365 total deaths
2.6 kills per death
936 perfomance rating
472 score per minute
[NBS] Normal Maps [EU] last server played
1 day of play time
105417 weeks since first connection
70 weeks since last seen
255 connections
703 messages sent
Sub Base last map played
2 days ago
Unbanned pentachen for maybe fp
Permanently Banned woahtakeitez for wallhacking
3 days ago
Permanently Banned 619HP for exodus
4 days ago
Permanently Banned tajmula7 for wallhacking -shino
6 days ago
Unflagged NBS honor for WAO
Permanently Banned Mariska_Neni for wallhacking -homer
8 days ago
Permanently Banned -FZ-NMZ`z for link from 138362
Permanently Banned Ladjarika for exodus
Unbanned NBS Synthh for bon
Permanently Banned moneyman3d for exodus
Permanently Banned soopamang12 for exodus
Unbanned NBS Synthh for caught
[Webfront] what are you talking about? you literally did awful in your discord live
Unbanned NBS Homer for get ban ned
Unbanned krterrr for ok
Unflagged krterrr for changing reason
Unbanned YTDeathZoneModz for apology video - https://youtu.be/Md2HxC3x9z4
Unbanned NBS Homer for he paid extra
Unbanned NBS Homer for paid to unban
Permanently Banned Jason Statham for wallhack -shino
Permanently Banned Rxinz4K for exodus
Permanently Banned Energyy for exodus