Senior Administrator
#280 Overall Ranking
8,363 Kills
4,921 Deaths
1.7 KDR
433 Performance
265.9 Score per Minute
75 hour(s) played
14 month(s) since first connection
4 day(s) since last connection
281 connections
1,482 Messages
Rust last map played
[NBS] Rust Sniping [US] last server played
3 hour(s) ago
> 10head
> 5head
12 day(s) ago
Kicked by IW4MAdmin for VPNs are not allowed on this server
Banned RoniKald for Evading - Vou
Banned Default for Evading - Vou
18 day(s) ago
> Enjoy
> just if they prioritise trash talk over the game play...
> Meh, I don't mind trash talk
Kicked Bash for Slot relieve. Please rejoin with intent to play. <3
> ty <3
> Play or leave.
> We need slots bro.
> Bash...
> I'm going to have to ask you to play.
> Yo, Bash. I'm gonna have to freeup slots for the server as it's getting full.
> heh
> bash, curious, how old are you?
> I must stop.
> I've been informed that my chat on here isn't adequate for server leadership.
> I gotta stop
> Aight....
> Lmaoooo bonobo
> hahehaehahehaheae
> Bash, I may not be old enough to drive, but I'm old enough to ride your mother
> You run your mouth a lot
> Makes sense.
> Bash, so you did come online to practise typing?
> mans chatting bare
> What a guy