#607 Overall Ranking
6,413 Kills
4,184 Deaths
1.53 KDR
353 Performance
256.6 Score per Minute
64 hour(s) played
51 week(s) since first connection
7 day(s) since last connection
243 connections
1,154 Messages
Scrapyard last map played
[NBS] Normal Maps [EU] last server played
3 day(s) ago
Banned daimyo takeda for ALT - Wallhacking
7 day(s) ago
> ty for listening guys :)
> Freddie vs Baget next game
> my kd is sick rn
> Baget, it's to you to Switch
> actually, next death Freddier please switch
> this is way to unbalanced
> okay, next round baget and freddit are on opposites
> It's when the map changes too late, so it conflicts with the current changing map
> lmao
> yeah, it crashed everyone
> Sorry, it crashed y'all because IW4x is coded like aids I guess
> fucking iw4m
> :l
> rip no response
> iw4m pls
> Crash next, yeah?
> gg
> :shrug:
> just saying lol
> smh
> your team is just air control
> sure, after.
> bit of a change
11 day(s) ago
Kicked Zezima for AFK.
Warned wardbeek for Excessive camping.
> are you a big boy
> I'm playing this on my PS3 controller to live the nostalgia