#96 Overall Ranking
88,210 Kills
55,668 Deaths
1.58 KDR
491 Performance
385.5 Score per Minute
236 hour(s) played
15 month(s) since first connection
14 week(s) since last connection
655 connections
4,106 Messages
3 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned Tito Lounge for Camping, using racial slurs, and annoying
Kicked Tito Lounge for Don't use either of them, next time it's a tempban
Kicked Tito Lounge for Racism, none of that foogazy bullshit
6 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned NanoModz for Wallhacking with aimbot, sad sad day. F
Temporarily banned ValWhyYouBanMe for Wallhacking with aimbot, sad sad day. F
11 day(s) ago
Warned Deldobaggins for Camping roof
32 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned mrglitchesftwyt for No recoil, sick hax m8
52 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned cancer for No recoil
68 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned PeterDog for Wallhacking, lol peace
83 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned Lmao for No recoil, sick hax m8
14 week(s) ago
> iw4x has an official discord
> theyll be able to help you
> go to official iw4x discord and ask
> gamer gloves
> what lmao
Warned F5_F5 for Camping
> server lagging?
15 week(s) ago
> new york
> someone send me a new mouse
> whatre you talking about lol
> ???
> can I get uh sausage and mushroom pizza
> lol
> oh well
> i wanted to make it look like aimbnot
> watch this
15 week(s) ago
> lol
> archer do /!help
> u play like a bitch
> deer every use something else