#1,328 Overall Ranking
79,687 Kills
66,463 Deaths
1.2 KDR
240 Performance
191.5 Score per Minute
517 hour(s) played
18 month(s) since first connection
19 day(s) since last connection
799 connections
4,342 Messages
Terminal last map played
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
39 day(s) ago
Warned Oops for camping
51 day(s) ago
Warned Bergvall for roof camping
57 day(s) ago
Warned ayo for camping
Warned ayo for camping
58 day(s) ago
Warned Jake for camping
> after 25000
> yes
Warned The Vegan for roof camping
Warned nadirbenboss for roof camping
> worry about following the rules
> dont worry about that
> write down !r
> 2 warnings max
> roof camping is not allowed
> now there is
> admin wasnt online
Warned PrepareToFail for roof
Warned NasTy SIKZAANNN for roof camping
> ?!fr
Kicked zdzir for afk
60 day(s) ago
Warned GgAaYyAaNn for camping
Kicked Caillou for camping is not allowed
Warned Caillou for camping
Warned Caillou for camping
> ok
62 day(s) ago
Warned Bandit-Steve for camping
> no
> its ok
> yes
> ill be here to kick you out again and again silly