#735 Overall Ranking
74,218 Kills
61,675 Deaths
1.2 KDR
235 Performance
185.5 Score per Minute
Terminal last map played
473 hour(s) played
14 month(s) since first connection
3 day(s) since last connection
738 connections
4,132 Messages
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [EU] last server played
3 day(s) ago
> n
5 day(s) ago
> care to explain hentai?
> how did this happen
Kicked Anderson for afk
6 day(s) ago
Warned InjustMvP for do not unbalance the teams on purpose
Warned WorstPlayer for camping
Kicked SoullessSoldier for afk
> 3
> 0 - 55 10 prestige really m8
Warned MIG71D for roof camping
> w freak do NOT camp under the window
Warned Multaeris for roof
Warned Damo for roof camping
Warned Damo for roof camping
8 day(s) ago
> how many kills have you got from that hg spot
Warned skd for do not camp at that spot
Warned Xp3cT for respect
Warned skd for camping
9 day(s) ago
> a lot off prefirirg
> worst player, nice wallhack mate
> endofwno true 10 prestifge
Warned aaanana for camping
> yes
Kicked IE6261 for camping
Warned IE6261 for camping
Kicked Emkey for afk
Warned IE6261 for camping
14 day(s) ago
Kicked Behiyatrabbak for afk
Warned Tom for camping
> false