#2,194 Overall Ranking
69,122 Kills
79,086 Deaths
0.87 KDR
147 Performance
129.9 Score per Minute
91 hour(s) played
32 month(s) since first connection
45 week(s) since last connection
562 connections
8,822 Messages
2 day(s) ago
Kicked Tuberious for annoying
Temporarily banned Child Molester for Too many warnings for the same reason, toxic + racism + chat spam
4 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned Default for Chat spam
5 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned Dare to Achieve for Toxic
Kicked bot1 for afk
6 day(s) ago
Kicked 3n79! for javelin spam
Kicked FranckX for afk
Warned 3n79! for javelin spam
Kicked HomesliceBoi for afk
Temporarily banned LIOWNBOZZ for Toxic
Temporarily banned BigTitty Tranny for still very toxic
7 day(s) ago
Warned xWASD Red for retarded report is not allowed
Warned HeadshotMachine for watch your keyboard, spam
8 day(s) ago
Warned SLIPKNOT for respect
Warned InfamousButcher for javelin spam
Kicked SwineMilk for afk
Warned WorstPlayer for javelin spam
9 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned Simplexes for Very toxic, learn to respect
Kicked '-' for annoying + toxic (irritante)
Warned '-' for annoying
12 day(s) ago
Kicked AMD4400 for don't spam the javelin (Bùyào xiàng Javelin fāsòng lèsè yóujiàn)
Kicked Bigboi123 for afk
Kicked Mick.G for javelin spam
Warned Mick.G for javelin spam