#877 Overall Ranking
49,328 Kills
41,180 Deaths
1.2 KDR
210 Performance
105.4 Score per Minute
Rust last map played
315 hour(s) played
14 month(s) since first connection
1 day(s) since last connection
2,188 connections
8,367 Messages
[NBS] Rust Sniping [US] last server played
1 day(s) ago
Kicked Phazon17 for Previously banned
27 day(s) ago
Kicked M16A4 for Multihack
Kicked M16A4 for Multihack
> Cool
> Wallhack and No recoil
> nICE Hacks coldrex
29 day(s) ago
Kicked Sem69 for excessive ping
33 day(s) ago
Warned Marshmello for Don't waste reports
Temporarily banned YourDeath for Toxic
Kicked YourDeath for Toxic
36 day(s) ago
Kicked big chungus for Toxic
> You sure camp Froobie
Warned big chungus for And I'm going to warn you to behave
Warned Waikato for Stop being toxic
Warned 1FunkyGnome for No waste of reports pls.
42 day(s) ago
Kicked Darkwarrior1735 for AFK
> andeles es a america
47 day(s) ago
> fr
> ?
> -/title
66 day(s) ago
> He's hacking indeed
> Nope
> lolsx learn to play without hacks lmao +
76 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned YahooMaps for Retard
Kicked YahooMaps for Spam