#520 Overall Ranking
437 Kills
320 Deaths
1.37 KDR
359 Performance
254.2 Score per Minute
Rust last map played
1 hour(s) played
73 day(s) since first connection
60 day(s) since last connection
12 connections
17 Messages
[NBS] Rust Sniping [US] last server played
60 day(s) ago
Banned by team rubicon for No recoil
Kicked by IW4MAdmin for You are temporarily banned (6 day(s) left)
Temporarily banned by Abruptly for No recoil, sick hax m8
> do i stay or levae
> no
> last one
> dont you worrie i am after this game
> salty
72 day(s) ago
> gg
> XD
> because you noob
> if i was hacking i wouldnt be whooping your ass
> you can even play without that gun XD noob
> i ahve
> use a real gun noob
> gg
73 day(s) ago
> i saw you snap on to me
> rack hacking
> gg
> gg