long guy
#0 overall ranking
50,298 total kills
19,365 total deaths
2.6 kills per death
936 perfomance rating
472 score per minute
[NBS] Normal Maps [EU] last server played
1 day of play time
105422 weeks since first connection
75 weeks since last seen
255 connections
704 messages sent
Sub Base last map played
23 hours ago
Permanently Banned GamerGuch for wallhacking -frylock
3 days ago
Permanently Banned | Leeland | for wallhacking -shino
5 days ago
Unbanned babycakes for maybe fp
6 days ago
Unbanned CaptainBucket for maybe fp
Unbanned swzyOG for fp I guess
8 days ago
Permanently Banned Kuzmvn for evading - 481555
Unflagged Path for Path
Unbanned Drika for fp, afk headshots
Unflagged Magic for I must unflag Magic before setting their level
Permanently Banned Phickz for multihack - homer
Unbanned Phickz for multihack - homer
Unbanned ConnorMc for maybe fp
Unbanned DRose for false positive probably
Unbanned IKaynaH for apology video - https://youtu.be/B9lIP-GSw8g
Permanently Banned IKaynaH for removed video
Unbanned IKaynaH for apology video - https://youtu.be/P2ZWruAU0F4
Permanently Banned nick_chan96 for wallhacking -shino
Permanently Banned LeVraisKiwi for exodus
Unbanned Keats for false positive probably
Permanently Banned LittleXNGRP for exodus
Permanently Banned OG Kappa for DatomBombz evading
Permanently Banned LUGOZZI for exodus
Unbanned $lick $loth for exodus
Permanently Banned XryDiabolic for wallhacking -shino
Unbanned slobo for apology video - https://youtu.be/6jMMbj8nYhE
Unbanned NICKMERCS for fp I guess high latency
Unbanned Circa for feeling nice, maybe lagging
Temporarily banned nelsonvital for teamkilling with duration of 2 days