Senior Administrator
#218 overall ranking
16,644 total kills
10,282 total deaths
1.62 kills per death
425 perfomance rating
286.1 score per minute
[NBS] Rust Sniping [EU] last server played
5 days of play time
125 weeks since first connection
15 weeks since last seen
372 connections
2,321 messages sent
Rust last map played
7 days ago
Permanently Banned madlex for Cheating/Exploiting is not allowed
Permanently Banned OFNIK for Cheating/Exploiting is not allowed
Permanently Banned TTV_ZAYNEE10 for Le Sheeter
Unbanned ORP_OATMEAL for https://youtu.be/G5M4eaBSOVw - Appeal
Permanently Banned GonxD3s for Aimbot
[Webfront] NudeCelebsForFree
[Webfront] Does anyone wanna subscribe to my onlyfans?
one month ago
Permanently Banned CraZy SaDu for Cheating
Permanently Banned HOT DOG IS BACK for Cheating - Evading
Permanently Banned Aatrope for Exodus
Unbanned GodSent for https://youtu.be/lv3rg1REYxE
2 months ago
Unbanned Ezy for https://youtu.be/NmL0-Q6uI0U - Appeal
Unbanned Pizz44 for https://youtu.be/1aaYAA-Y948 - Appeal
Temporarily banned SOLO for Toxicity with duration of 2 days
Permanently Banned Nibar for Multi-hack
Unflagged Thor for Changing Reason
Permanently Banned atro for Cheating...
Permanently Banned Spongebob for Cheating...
I guess IW4x is fucking aids
gonna restart this server
this weird af
3 months ago
Permanently Banned Electric for Wallhacking - Shino
Permanently Banned wsx for Wallhacking
Permanently Banned Gordon Freeman for Cheater