#197 overall ranking
29,487 total kills
18,727 total deaths
1.57 kills per death
449 perfomance rating
298.3 score per minute
[NBS] Nuketown 24/7 [EU] last server played
6 days of play time
145 weeks since first connection
1 week since last seen
445 connections
2,686 messages sent
Nuketown last map played
2 days ago
Unbanned Linky for https://youtu.be/pdT7MdSlbvs - Appeal
8 days ago
[Webfront] Yeah, sorry about that! Let us know if you catch someone else. Discord is usually the fastest.
[Webfront] Yeah - he's banned.
[Webfront] Yeah, sorry it took us a while to ban. He was cheating and now is gone! :)
Permanently Banned JESUSlSKlNG83 for Walling
Permanently Banned UzBeK for Exodus
my bad y'all I mistakenly changed this server map
My dad smokes grass from the back yard
[Webfront] cg_drawfps 1
Unflagged AMD4400 for Has intimacy with Riot+C4
[Webfront] bro in the last 6 hours, you've mentioned cum 27 times.
[Webfront] And speaks too much about cum
[Webfront] Geiler - Please stop talking about cum.
Warned Ever for MOVE - USE WASD TO MOVE
Permanently Banned MAHDE1999 for Go to nbsclan.org/discord to fix your game...
Unbanned MAHDE1999 for Changing Reason
Permanently Banned ftree for Wallhacks/Aimlock
i'm so bad