#489 overall ranking
8,675 total kills
6,337 total deaths
1.37 kills per death
292 perfomance rating
211.9 score per minute
[NBS] Normal Maps [US] last server played
3 days of play time
154 weeks since first connection
1 week since last seen
125 connections
176 messages sent
Invasion last map played
8 months ago
i have no words
one year ago
my favorite is bubble butt
i bet your shit doesnt smell either
thats literally what this map is
oh shit hes right
only on wednesdays
no since im not really a fan of spicy food
same tbh
for blood?
torens better than me...hes just distracted
i blatantly saw you before i killed your team mate
dont have to
one year ago
yea long time no see
i hate controllers for fps gaming. the accuracy compared to a mouse is horrendous
i dont need to wh when i have 6+ years of experience, 3 of which was promod on Cod4 with semi pros
i literally killed you and toren 4 times in a row because you kept running at me lol
he has 3
i even told zen in voice hes probably upstairs""
was one hell of a guess
reset them to default then change them to what you want
check your keybinds