#962 Overall Ranking
16,013 Kills
11,264 Deaths
1.42 KDR
267 Performance
136.2 Score per Minute
67 hour(s) played
26 month(s) since first connection
20 week(s) since last connection
264 connections
980 Messages
Terminal last map played
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
20 week(s) ago
> mom jokes its so common in this game
> man i played a lot the new modern warfare and i can say this game hasn't no recoil lmao
> kek
31 week(s) ago
> You think?
32 week(s) ago
> lets go back to tf2
> This is why, i like play other games than this 10 y old cod
> mein gott
> ofcourse
> Facts
> k
Warned CallOfDutyBot0 for Camping af
> You're so dumb man
> Man, i saw the killcam he aimed so fast in to the head
> And?
> Not, really, i saw the killcam, he looks obvious
Kicked Maik for Aimbot
32 week(s) ago
> oops, delayed effect
> nice try
Warned Arrrgh for Roof camping
> right
> lol
> Something like that
> Moderator
> lmao
Warned Autism for Camping
33 week(s) ago
> every thing of this game is broken
> shhh
> At least don't spray, ladie
> Objetive: Enjoy this game, Obstacle: A lot of snipers killing you when you do a single step
> gg ladies