#5 Overall Ranking
79,851 Kills
30,311 Deaths
2.63 KDR
1,183 Performance
503.2 Score per Minute
179 hour(s) played
25 month(s) since first connection
18 week(s) since last connection
547 connections
2,705 Messages
Rust last map played
[NBS] Rust Sniping [EU] last server played
13 week(s) ago
Unbanned by long guy for heck
Banned by IW4MAdmin for You appear to be cheating
18 week(s) ago
> vbg
> bg
> im homer
> no
> did you just call me pahez?
> gg
> gg
> p
> Okay at least you're not a random
> So I said yes you got lucky cause you are awful
> yeah because you are going to act like you didnt get lucky
> I said you're lucky
> And you're gonna tell me that?
> and you took offense
> I just said you were lucky
> lmfao
> you were ass
> i still got the screenshot of Mathsma and I shitting on you frox and funhouse
> still got the ss of me and mathsma destroying you
> or something
> Excess Batu
> I remember a batu
> lmfao
> you were in a team with frox and funhouse
> lmfao