Sith MFA
#1,165 Overall Ranking
3,029 Kills
2,741 Deaths
1.11 KDR
247 Performance
208.3 Score per Minute
13 hour(s) played
23 month(s) since first connection
21 hour(s) since last connection
39 connections
143 Messages
Terminal last map played
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US #2] last server played
18 week(s) ago
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> lol he stayed quite after that
> lmao you white af
> who is you
> nice clitoris
> yea bruh i dont understand any comebacks you are trying to say lol
> niqqa you 12 or what
> huh
> bro nobody cares about you lol
> dude laughed at his own joke lol queer
> blurry on a scale of 1-10 how old is your girlfriend
> you got that cockmeat sandwich from subway huh
> degen
> i mean shit you didnt deny it so it means you do touch little kids
> blurry touches little kids for a living
> ya first girlfriend is a dike
> eating is fucking amazing
> blurry has a clitoris
> you cry a lot stfu already
> camping queer
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> lol he just tripled use
> you literally spent half a game to type that lol
> sup fellow late night gamers
19 week(s) ago
> bruh
> you just suck
> starr
> fucking nerd