#1,233 Overall Ranking
7,437 Kills
6,732 Deaths
1.1 KDR
229 Performance
148.9 Score per Minute
47 hour(s) played
18 month(s) since first connection
23 day(s) since last connection
193 connections
188 Messages
Terminal last map played
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
36 day(s) ago
> good job fall you got half as many kills as you died!
> mw2 clips in 2019
> i dont camp" you tried sitting in the head glitch spot at red roof lol"
> i believe in you
> cmon fall just go positive one game you can do it
> how do you reg gun and go negative lmao
> you were sitting in the back
> and you still went 23 and 42 stfu
> lol you tried camping in the back of the plane
> why do u qq instead of play
> good carry
40 day(s) ago
> sweats -red roof camping dragonuv
41 day(s) ago
> just for ur ping LMAO
Reported MNT for cheating
46 day(s) ago
> hah gottem
> cool name boo
> lul
16 week(s) ago
> and harriers
> lol
> u guys had a chopper going
> i got it at start
> lul
17 week(s) ago
> ur mad
> first playable cod since bo2
18 week(s) ago
> lmao
> joined late still more kills than you
> lmao youre sitting on red roof prone and youre complaining about getting fucked?
18 week(s) ago
> 2 acs a chopper and harrier luckiest emergency drop
> there was another ac and harrier outside of map
> shoulda let someone else take the chopper