SoKo xV
#905 overall ranking
740 total kills
1,144 total deaths
0.65 kills per death
109 perfomance rating
94.9 score per minute
[NBS] Rust Sniping [US] last server played
5 hours of play time
1 week since first connection
5 days since last seen
23 connections
69 messages sent
Rust last map played
5 days ago
ok im off gotta work in 3 hours
bro VK is Hardscoping liek a mother fucker oh hell naw
ill brb restarting my game its acting up
your walling dude you prefired me
like i litterally only been in this server for liek 5 mins if that LOL
bro i didnt even have 76 kills lol
you must be dumb
i put that shit on my son im not walling and havnt been
bro you are delusional
im missing shots
are yo udumb ive been quick scoping since 08
bro i heard you
bro i promise on everything im not walling
no i just know this map
what >?
7 days ago
i was trying to TS
not calling you out but you are Questionable KRTERRR
catch you later
ok well my cousin wants back on his account so
no hes not he is just trying so hard he could fill a 12ft pool of sweat rn lol
im pretty sure he is using Aimassist LOL