#86 Overall Ranking
22,003 Kills
11,590 Deaths
1.9 KDR
594 Performance
258.1 Score per Minute
0 hour(s) played
22 month(s) since first connection
16 week(s) since last connection
297 connections
467 Messages
Terminal last map played
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
16 week(s) ago
> thank u
> yes i will
> thank u ill check it out
> guess ill ignore the hitmarkers now
> sorry for shooting at u through the wall bro
> whats it called
> i love that game my favorite cod
> is there a version of this for bo2?
> killcam isnt an exact recording dumbass
> lol ur arm was through the wall
Reported by stevenson87 for Wallhack
> mad cause u cant figure out how to qs in a 10 year old game
> gg
> goodnight americans goodbye shithole inhabitants
> shot one down after 1000s of hellfires delivered
> we send robots
> waste of time
> keep u in check or else you start blowing shit up
> because we spent trillions on our military to crush faggot states like u live in
Warned by IW4MAdmin for Do not use offensive or racist phrases on this server
> we can wipe out your country in the blink of an eye
> maybe you need more bombs
> we're really the good guys trust us
> epic
> your ping looks like it
> china?
> where are you elam
> gg