#1,143 overall ranking
104 total kills
496 total deaths
0.21 kills per death
20 perfomance rating
46.5 score per minute
[NBS] Normal Maps [US] last server played
4 hours of play time
6 weeks since first connection
5 weeks since last seen
11 connections
34 messages sent
Underpass last map played
one month ago
i play in bad device
how i can get good performance?
i try it but is more harder
i cant spawn,every time i got killed
and yes im noob but sometimes i can spawn or i dead
the game is good but i cant get any skilltreak and it is bored :/
im new player and i get bored in two or four rounds
what is the best weapon? everyone kills me with two shoots
que tiene de divertido eso?
oh but playing with bots gives exp?
who knows any server to noobs players?
second day playing and i have more of 1200 deaths,nice
a lot of sniper rushers
play with max FOV is to crazy
srry for lose
riot shield works?
but my device cant run it
for me is mw3 (i cant play bo/bo2,my pc is too bad)
i play with potato mode and i can see the enemy,is too hard
i only give lose to my team
i live in latinoamerica,we dont have pc of gaming
no is a plastic cube
12fps or low
i play in a low device