#1 overall ranking
12,278 total kills
2,761 total deaths
4.45 kills per death
1,913 perfomance rating
621.7 score per minute
[NBS] Nuketown 24/7 [EU] last server played
1 day of play time
26 weeks since first connection
23 weeks since last seen
82 connections
2 messages sent
Nuketown last map played
5 months ago
Multiple contacts!
Warned AC130 for excessive camping
Reported by spidey for hacks
Reported by Toxi_the_panda for WH
Reported by Hitler for wh
Reported by -YURGENOUT+ for wh
Kicked -YURGENOUT+ for don't tolerate that trash behaviour on here, find another server.
Reported by -YURGENOUT+ for WH
Kicked Ghost. for wallhack
Reported Ghost. for wallhack (youtu.be/gGqdudkySo4)
Reported by xpxp for walls
Warned Vilozy for excessive camping
Reported by NiCOBPz for Using hacks
Reported by Sparrky for hacking
Watch your six!
Reported by Nuke Thirst for cheating
Reported by Zayders for aimbot
Reported by Gavzilla for Aim bot
Reported XCII for wallhack
Reported by swzyOG for cheats
Reported by Kuzmvn for wallhack
Reported by AC130 for wh, no recoil
Unflagged by long guy for I must unflag Magic before setting their level
Reported by Brian_AM for hacking
Reported by Crxpticlife for hacking
Reported by Lardex for cheats