#363 overall ranking
4,296 total kills
2,550 total deaths
1.68 kills per death
351 perfomance rating
308.9 score per minute
[NBS] Rust Sniping [EU] last server played
18 hours of play time
35 weeks since first connection
16 weeks since last seen
33 connections
28 messages sent
Rust last map played
4 months ago
disconnect from life
6 months ago
fuk snipers man
nice shit cunt
well gg i was the only one positive
ha its cool man
well because you drop shotted then missed your shots lol
shite stingers
8 months ago
on my team lol
im the only one one postive
apart from the hacker
so has he left or actually been banned?
ah so you just have a really good gaming chair?
Reported @fyei on inst for walls
you have tracked my through the roof and now perfected through the wall
emps is hacking
nice camping
cant yet going for my third first if i can
im the only one positve on my team
killed by a sentry gun 4 of a nuke nice
what a nightmare :D
well gg ha