NBS honor
#8 overall ranking
21,126 total kills
6,021 total deaths
3.51 kills per death
1,236 perfomance rating
336.6 score per minute
[NBS] Rust Sniping [US] last server played
1 week of play time
46 weeks since first connection
26 weeks since last seen
429 connections
5,055 messages sent
Rust last map played
6 months ago
simple question deserves a simple answer
Nevermind.... Ill get it fromt he server info
Ever where are you from?
Warned Silence for stop camping
Warned Snougy for Stop camping
im giving yall 3 seconds to get out that damn plane and stop camping
no way youre apart of this clan and doing that bad
but i guess yall gay asf
i was trickshoting for last
this man is hella funny
jesus christy
can you pb?
hoj are you level 80?