#2 overall ranking
2,254 total kills
557 total deaths
4.05 kills per death
1,504 perfomance rating
336.9 score per minute
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
6 hours of play time
3 weeks since first connection
2 weeks since last seen
12 connections
160 messages sent
Terminal last map played
21 days ago
forgot the /
just standing still
how do u even have fun
ur playstyle is so boring
can you read at all
because no admins are online?
but no admins are online
canu read?
i dont make the rules?
ask the admins
32 kills in a 20 minute game
epic killcam
type in !rules
ask the admins
read the rules
dont ask me
its against the rules
you do realise
very nice
grandma tits and lucifer excessive camping
ok ill just camp then
plane camping wtih claymores??