Sniff My Ass
#0 overall ranking
4,812 total kills
2,859 total deaths
1.68 kills per death
485 perfomance rating
214.7 score per minute
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
19 hours of play time
32 weeks since first connection
26 weeks since last seen
68 connections
524 messages sent
Terminal last map played
6 months ago
cry more
Yea i dont care I reported you then so when the admins check they will see when it happened
I fucking was in thew game when you flooded chat with exodus so shut the fuck up
jesus still crying are we
I already have
says the cheater rofl
lmfao go for iot
Reported by Scp for cheating
whatever you want to say cheater
lmfao whatever kid
you legit flooded the chat with exodus mod menu yesterday
lmfao you cheat too dipshit
yea he cheats
Reported Scp for cheating
woah I lagging hard rn
your probably using exodus i bet
youve been called out how many times yesterday
lmfao you do
Reported scp for mod menu
yea too laggy
yea peace guys gg
last game the lag to hard