#770 overall ranking
3,296 total kills
3,036 total deaths
1.09 kills per death
197 perfomance rating
123.9 score per minute
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
1 day of play time
32 weeks since first connection
21 weeks since last seen
35 connections
628 messages sent
Terminal last map played
5 months ago
stupid camper
why are you lying?
gaypotaco gone
I am for justice and everything in this life has already been proved to myself, it never occurred to me to install cheats in my life
and met more than a thousand bastards like Opotako
if you are 25, then I am 8 years older than you
and I have been playing this game since childhood, you weren't there yet
I play well, on a mouse for 50 cents
maybe he is stupid and his son is a cheater and he plays on his computer, or he himself is a pathetic child with complexes in real life\
or fuck off
try to talk to me in Russian
you are ordinary mice in life, and here are kings, all this is in your subconscious)
time will pass and everyone will get what they deserve, I don't have time to write on the forum, I'm 33 years old, but I know that the reports work
its cheater)
and now look stupid kid, I go to your team and start to play better
stupid child)
Reported by c0dyxo for accusing everyone who kills him of being a hacker
aimbot 100
the day will come and you will understand it)
without cheats you nothing
gay win
not possible