#0 overall ranking
69,122 total kills
79,086 total deaths
0.87 kills per death
144 perfomance rating
129.9 score per minute
3 days of play time
256 weeks since first connection
163 weeks since last seen
562 connections
8,827 messages sent
one year ago
Temporarily banned pong lenis for spamming and being toxic with duration of 1 day
[Webfront] Camping in 2020
[Webfront] wat
[Webfront] :thinking:
[Webfront] javelin spammer :(
[Webfront] hi
Temporarily banned deltt for Semtex team killing with duration of 1 week
one year ago
Unflagged AMD4400 for 27 times!!!
Warned trlps PX for respect
Warned GuerrilaDragon for respect
Kicked Hello for annoyig + chat spam
Warned Hello for chat spam
Unflagged AMD4400 for 26
Kicked Killer Bee for annoying (irritante)
Kicked tryhard for toxic and annoying
Unflagged AMD4400 for 23 times
Temporarily banned its kb for toxic and annoying with duration of 1 day
Unflagged AMD4400 for 20 times lol
Temporarily banned i cant breathe for Very toxic, wash your mouth please. with duration of 2 days
Warned Invalid for stop reporting useless stuff
Unflagged minimoth for Changing reason
Unflagged Tejo12002 for Old flag
Unflagged AMD4400 for 18 times being annoying
Temporarily banned Uno-V-Uno for Annoying and toxic with duration of 1 day
Kicked efsejf303r for change your name
Unflagged Unknown Soldier for he's probably fine
Unflagged bitch majinbuu for old
Unflagged BLACKWATERS for nah