#3 overall ranking
88,781 total kills
28,568 total deaths
3.11 kills per death
1,322 perfomance rating
476.2 score per minute
[NBS] Rust Sniping [US] last server played
1 week of play time
34 weeks since first connection
6 minutes since last seen
408 connections
1,855 messages sent
Rust last map played
9 hours ago
Kicked Brian_AM for camping
23 hours ago
Kicked GamerGuch for wallhack
4 days ago
Warned Toast for camping
Kicked mohbestone for aimbot
8 days ago
Kicked NANDAN for annoying racist
Kicked Dutch for camping
Kicked Dutch for annoying
Warned Dutch for camping
Kicked member_of_isis for wallhack
Warned 2212 for map exploits
Kicked I n0sc0p3d JFK for camping
Warned I n0sc0p3d JFK for camping
Kicked bot+ for aimbot?
Kicked AMD4400 for javelin spam
3 months ago
Kicked Dutch for annoying
Warned Dutch for butcher camping and javelin spam
Warned Alvar007 for javelin spam
Kicked AMD4400 for annoying
Kicked AMD4400 for annoying
4 months ago
Kicked Kurisu for camping
Warned Kurisu for camping
Kicked Sniff My Ass for lag
Warned Gagarin for shut up
Kicked zyxel1k for lag
Kicked CROW for aimbot
6 months ago
Warned You Got Me for plane camping
Kicked TAJIK for exodus
Kicked TAJIK for exodus
7 months ago
Kicked clown for teamkill exploit