#77 overall ranking
27,750 total kills
13,068 total deaths
2.12 kills per death
669 perfomance rating
285 score per minute
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
5 days of play time
43 weeks since first connection
1 week since last seen
392 connections
1,084 messages sent
Terminal last map played
13 days ago
smh my head
and tried to camp xd
this cuck destroyed my harriers
duh xd
harrier destroys chopper gunner
-2 players xd
we got bots like
ofc he already did
you didnt
7-47 xd
his guy fucked us right in the ass
14-39 xd
cuck xd
cos you were hiding inside the fucking plane
fast restart by admin
but we get warnings xd
other admins like frylock camp 24/7
ill need a better but for now im ok with my trash tier pc from 2012
mouse is goated
guys get a viper mini
but having 5+ mice is god tier
tbh id have a better gpu if i could save money
from my old days of semi pro scene
and a zowie xl2411