big shaq
#64 overall ranking
60,224 total kills
28,705 total deaths
2.1 kills per death
645 perfomance rating
410.3 score per minute
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
2 weeks of play time
188 weeks since first connection
2 days since last seen
1,020 connections
6,400 messages sent
Terminal last map played
22 days ago
Kicked KARMA for Away from keyboard
Kicked 1661-6744 for Away from keyboard
Kicked Mack for Away from keyboard
Warned Muzza for stop impersonating staff
Warned Muzza for impersonating staff
Kicked ded for Away from keyboard
one month ago
Warned Tweety for team stack
Kicked cheery for Away from keyboard
Temporarily banned Yfini for 'Administrators have final say' with duration of 8 minutes
Kicked Yfini for stop arguing now please
Kicked Yfini for go gaslight admins on other servers
Kicked sktf1k for Away from keyboard
Kicked TheGOD for dont block pathways
Warned TheGOD for balance
Reported TheGOD for not balancing
Kicked Humm for teamstack
Kicked GOAT for teamstack
Warned GOAT for teamstack
4 months ago
Kicked [lz]vttqj for do not team stack, switch teams
Warned [lz]vttqj for switch teams
Warned [lz]vttqj for teamstack
Warned Pu55y Popin for racism
Temporarily banned Toxi_the_panda for wallhack with duration of 1 week
Temporarily banned 2podoqobodoq for teamkilling with duration of 3 days
Kicked 2podoqobodoq for please remove up-colon from your name. you appear as a friendly even though youre not
Kicked AxeL n00b for stop camping next time
Warned AxeL n00b for stop camping
Warned AxeL n00b for camping