speed demon
#6 overall ranking
6,137 total kills
1,623 total deaths
3.78 kills per death
1,246 perfomance rating
572.6 score per minute
[NBS] Rust Sniping [EU] last server played
13 hours of play time
19 weeks since first connection
17 weeks since last seen
53 connections
2 messages sent
Rust last map played
4 months ago
Kicked MWZ-2 for wallhack
Warned MWZ-2 for team switching to the ''winning'' team.
Reported by YIKES for hacks
Reported by HEADSHOT for using esp,aimbot
Kicked BLACKWATERS for AFK in full lobby.
Reported by Influx for aim hacks
Reported by 2Bunny for hacks
Kicked Frost for wallhack
Warned supremeLoser for teamkilling.
Reported by Frost for ESP Hack prefire
Reported by Superzypter for wallhack
Reported by Tropical for hacking