#0 overall ranking
1,038 total kills
2,099 total deaths
0.49 kills per death
114 perfomance rating
68.3 score per minute
[NBS] Normal Maps [US] last server played
9 hours of play time
28 weeks since first connection
12 hours since last seen
26 connections
212 messages sent
Karachi last map played
12 hours ago
hey admin Abrupt let me join a server that I am not an admin of and complain about how you play
pretty cringe ;D"
im not straight???
if you say so
not shadow playing weirdo
you literally did
that's how it came across when you said ooooh a femboy add me on discord
then asked for their discord
you said sexy or something like that when you saw the name femboy
nice homophobia freak
that could be a 14 year old
bro you're so creepy
take down harrier
i told you
gamin hbu
13 hours ago
kill me
normal gaming
i have 20 40 vision
15 days ago
because i am right
doubt it
from home?
i mean facts
bro you don't even go outside how do you expect to stone anyone
you're fucking fuming red in the face mate
a 23 year old man