#1,175 Overall Ranking
646 Kills
1,016 Deaths
0.64 KDR
160 Performance
126.3 Score per Minute
6 hour(s) played
9 day(s) since first connection
12 hour(s) since last connection
18 connections
53 Messages
Terminal last map played
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
12 hour(s) ago
> he carried lowkey
> let him feel happy for himself
> same :(
> 6 kiss youre fucking nutty bro
> gg
5 day(s) ago
> gn testicles
> like chill bro its all good
> i just said gn and you being all rude
> gonzo why mad?
> clown spam?
> gn
> aight imma cut
> i didnt say nothing bout your info there i just said your aim looked weird
> if he legit hes just fucking nutty
> weedy
> ok i just saw him get like 5 ppl and his tracking is kinda wack ngl, maybe its just how the killfeeds are but either hes cheating or he on like aderall or some shit
> i might just hop off tbh, playing like shit cause i slept for like 4 hours last night :(
> i lowkey wonder how youd do on modern warfare 2019
> but its fun to kill ppl off spawn with a chopper haha
> 114 and 19 but you dont drop your nuke?
> but whatever
> still sus bro
> idk
> not talking bout spawns
> so?
> idk his aim is pretty decent but i feel like he has some shit that makes him see enemies better cause ive watched some of the kill cams and he spots ppl out easily
> he kinda sus ngl
> who weedy?
> ofc its always weedy whos killing ppl with his chopper gunner
> can we please shoot the chopper gunner down