#0 overall ranking
43,713 total kills
20,167 total deaths
2.17 kills per death
777 perfomance rating
439.1 score per minute
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
3 days of play time
32 weeks since first connection
1 hour since last seen
337 connections
302 messages sent
Terminal last map played
really cant stand trash that needs lightweight
well im out, no one left
not reallty
no, unless the routing is a miracle
because i had no choice to get used to it
I used to be able to do it when all comp sniping was eu
150 ms is pretty average for me when I connect to eu servers
im in central us and the server is eu
its a distance issue
who knows, maybe routing changed
I dont know why but he only recently started getting 100
and he usually gets 90
100 and 150 are a big difference
you have to hold sprint/scope for longer
same reason sprint is broken with high ping
literally a 50/50 whether or not my shot is a no scope
hitreg is literally random
I feel like im just no scopingunless I hardscope
its literal garbage right now
I really cant stand the hitreg in this server
3 days ago
I dont understand how its possible so much trash can get so lucky
the hitreg is literally random
5 days ago
seriously cant stand how trash the consistency is on this server
gotta love lightweight trash
7 days ago
its for literal garbage players like you who would go negative without it
literal garbage players
always games filled with lightweight trash