NBS Mathsma
#6 overall ranking
126,097 total kills
53,240 total deaths
2.37 kills per death
939 perfomance rating
380.2 score per minute
[NBS] Rust Sniping [US] last server played
1 week of play time
47 weeks since first connection
29 minutes since last seen
995 connections
892 messages sent
Rust last map played
30 minutes ago
so much literal garbage getting lucky
4 days ago
you cant do damage with melee
if im seeing the command, you forgot the /
is there the / in front of it
press the tilde key, type /cg_fov 110
5 days ago
I must have shot your feet seiz
so tired of this ping advantage
6 days ago
Permanently Banned Soldo for wallhacking
mouse and keyboard is better when there is no aim assist
horrible internet, always packet loss
Reported by PRATH for aimbot, wh
8 days ago
Warned [Broken] Droidz for camping
Warned PredatorX3 for camping
Permanently Banned Nobody for exodus
/ before the command
not sure
so I can play too
ok, raid says he can
I mean I can ask raid, he might be able to
hes at work
Id rather play with at least 1 other friend
unless there is another nbs member playing, no
a lot of them are just old clan members/friends