Kill Fascists
#0 overall ranking
11,020 total kills
5,066 total deaths
2.18 kills per death
495 perfomance rating
207.6 score per minute
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
5 days of play time
95 weeks since first connection
85 weeks since last seen
178 connections
2,925 messages sent
Terminal last map played
one year ago
this lobby is so laggy now wtf
i hope my herrir pilots aren't in a union cause god damn i'm about to fire their stupid asses
wait this retard left
so sam when did you decide to be a nazi
grew up on 4chan cause you onyl had bullies to interact with at school
nazi sympathizer
with ur size 7 feet
no way i am visiting bum ass coneticut
as much as i'd love to stomp you out
where you at ?
you named yourself after a nazi sympathizer unironically kill yourself
racist lil bootlicker
lmfao zim
wasteman you get some ebar tings bet
she never mentioned that to me before
why does your mum like rope play?
ok m21 buddy
absee do you wath LSF or what lol
questionable but kind of based
as he shoots a compound bow at a black protestor
legolas looking ass yelling alllivesmatter
white boy brought a sword to protect his favourite bar, chased down a protestor and got stomped out