#0 overall ranking
16,799 total kills
12,835 total deaths
1.31 kills per death
277 perfomance rating
210.9 score per minute
[NBS] Rust Sniping [EU] last server played
4 days of play time
152 weeks since first connection
30 weeks since last seen
224 connections
1,940 messages sent
Rust last map played
7 months ago
sounds good
imma head out. i'll catch you around mayb
oh shit lol we're at 11.
oh shit lol
same. 800dpi?
what's your sens
damn lol
i can restart server. wanna do a 'first to 10' quick 1v1. im about to head out
lmao pretty much
unbalanced guns. zzz
lol truee
so did mathsma
not surprised
i'm streaming this shit but no one wants to watch this on twitch i guess.
understandable lol
yeah he was insane
too cocky
but i still kinda hated him lol.
homer taught me that trick i guess
no lol
shame this game is kinda dead lol
big brain
also did you stall your respawn earlier cause of the spawn shot
remember Homer by chance?
oh yeah. i remember them. i was in NBS. i think both clans hated each other for some reason
i was paulie21