#808 overall ranking
53,271 total kills
45,518 total deaths
1.17 kills per death
211 perfomance rating
76.1 score per minute
[NBS] Nuketown 24/7 [EU] last server played
2 weeks of play time
153 weeks since first connection
5 weeks since last seen
3,186 connections
8,971 messages sent
Nuketown last map played
8 days ago
[Webfront] Pls not reporting for that, thx
[Webfront] I do care about racism, So stop
[Webfront] thanks for reports :ok_hand:
[Webfront] pain is banned
[Webfront] He is already xd
Temporarily banned pong lenis for Toxic/Racist with duration of 1 week
[Webfront] Pls, stop reporting non-sense
[Webfront] Cringe name? Really?
one month ago
Temporarily banned CraZy SaDu for Multihack with duration of 1 day
DW, we'll ban them rn
the aimbot tho
Temporarily banned White Guy for Toxic / Racism with duration of 2 days
. !rep + name + reason
If he comes back, report him pls :p
was comming to see, he got that error