NBS RaidMax
#59 overall ranking
31,813 total kills
18,277 total deaths
1.74 kills per death
525 perfomance rating
242.4 score per minute
[NBS] Rust Sniping [US] last server played
2 days of play time
105417 weeks since first connection
17 minutes since last seen
238 connections
703 messages sent
Rust last map played
21 hours ago
Permanently Banned Anissa for Cheating/Exploiting is not allowed
2 days ago
Unbanned deeznuse for 8 months ago :shrug:
3 days ago
Permanently Banned Joe for Wallhack
9 days ago
Permanently Banned dursunadam for Wallhack
Permanently Banned milkshake48 for Wallhack -hmr
I do not
same, minus the music
use mouse and keyboard
no good players play with controller
or multiple times if it's a small mouse pad
You'd have to be moving your mouse across your whole mouse pad to do like a 360
I don't think you're at 800 dpi then
but I use raw accel now
I would try 1.5 and see how that feels. I normally play 1 at 900 dpi
looks like you were playing at like 3 sens
What's your DPI
it's too high to have precision
ncl your sensitivity is too high
Kicked Paint Beast for turn it off
Ok I'll get some videos for you then
You know what I mean lol