#125 overall ranking
21,670 total kills
12,417 total deaths
1.75 kills per death
508 perfomance rating
235.5 score per minute
[NBS] Rust Sniping [US] last server played
1 day of play time
105402 weeks since first connection
2 weeks since last seen
182 connections
639 messages sent
Rust last map played
3 days ago
Unbanned HeLLaSuS666 for Unban video
Permanently Banned booty69 for Cheating
11 days ago
Permanently Banned fyeing for Wallhack
Unbanned CorndogCrusader for Possible false positive
Permanently Banned El_Mas-Pi for Wallhack
Permanently Banned SfaccimStFaci for Multihack
Permanently Banned allies for Multihack
Unbanned Simp for FP
one month ago
Permanently Banned GodSent for multihack
Permanently Banned 1999 for exodus
Permanently Banned HOTdogg for Wallhack evading @381906
Unbanned NEW NOOB for unban appeal
Unbanned rawaccel for yes
Permanently Banned rawaccel for Testing reason 123
Permanently Banned Chill stepbro for exodus
Permanently Banned bachir for There is an issue with your account. Please go to to fix
Unbanned bachir for changing reason
Permanently Banned El_Chefe for You appear to be cheating
Permanently Banned LilYummyX2 for Exodus
Unbanned Nikita for Attempting to unban linked account
Permanently Banned kodigo for Please go to to fix your game
Unbanned kodigo for changing reason
Temporarily banned by IW4MAdmin for this is a test tempban with duration of 5 minutes
Unbanned DARION for appealed:
Permanently Banned big hot dog for Wallhack
Unbanned CountrCampForce for Linked from other account 10000 ips
Permanently Banned Ruby for You appear to be cheating
Unbanned Ruby for Reban