#0 overall ranking
635 total kills
527 total deaths
1.2 kills per death
277 perfomance rating
202.8 score per minute
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
5 hours of play time
80 weeks since first connection
16 weeks since last seen
26 connections
26 messages sent
Terminal last map played
3 months ago
6 months ago
uhh i think its and a symbol ?
r u guys ok
Base of fire!
i have the power to skip my own lameass killcam
yeah and then someone was like no dumbass look at this yt""
because i straight up thought he was wallin or someshit
i think i remember accidently banning wasdmitch on this server
dunno what theyve changed
ive played like 4 times the past 5 years
fuck if i know tbh
9 months ago
good name
10 months ago
im not rly active
oh uhh thats not rly a question for me
one year ago
be a girl
but i wont
i could
reported for hacking i am mod
im sorry
did i make u mad