#27 overall ranking
203,442 total kills
78,026 total deaths
2.61 kills per death
780 perfomance rating
431.4 score per minute
[NBS] Rust Sniping [EU] last server played
3 weeks of play time
74 weeks since first connection
4 hours since last seen
1,271 connections
21,606 messages sent
Rust last map played
4 hours ago
yuge xbullet lego 2v2?
2 days ago
password hardscope; connect krait.io
I sent you ip on discord
lego, yuge let's go
we need one more
legolas, scrim
i will lyk once we 6
Ima try to get one more then we 6
Yo jam it's pahez, wanna scrim?
i got one
[Webfront] Scrim in 20 min?
[Webfront] Sup
2 days ago
Warned honor for camping
[Webfront] Who's winning
[Webfront] Sup
4 days ago
I think we are 6 now, wait
ceph 3v3?
riky 3v3?
Warned olpdf for camping
cause ik yall gonna spawn there
I am pref the spawns for fun
spec me
I'm not even trying so what's your point
I'm not