#0 Overall Ranking
1,353 Kills
947 Deaths
1.43 KDR
335 Performance
223.7 Score per Minute
6 hour(s) played
52 week(s) since first connection
37 week(s) since last connection
24 connections
22 Messages
Terminal last map played
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
42 week(s) ago
> GG
51 week(s) ago
> GG
> nvrm you got it lmao finally
> mangu dont leave hold on
> go to your options tab mangu an maxs your stats youll unlock everything then make some classes
> dereck yo go max your stats an make some classes
> make sure to make a class
> go into your stats options an unlock stats youll get everything then join back to snipe
> hi
51 week(s) ago
> ta cheat? i know 11 plus yrs old lmao
> HMR is cheating btw he was in my lobby earlier
> Dude leave if your gonna have wall hacks on its mad annoying its an 11 yr old game grow up
> gg
52 week(s) ago
> gg
> ez
> lol i got that nuke with only the intervention
> lol i had one too
> noooo i wanted to use my nuke
Warned by Homer for camping
> pussy
> uh its part of my class ill use it if i want
> gg
52 week(s) ago
> tgg