#1,074 Overall Ranking
605 Kills
607 Deaths
242 Performance
203.1 Score per Minute
3 hour(s) played
11 day(s) since first connection
3 day(s) since last connection
12 connections
103 Messages
Terminal last map played
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
3 day(s) ago
> ok
> gg ez
> that trigger fingger pretty good
> damn 8bit
> Complain #1
> first day on xbox hit a 8 multi
> easy console
> x
> :D
> Iw4x clips dont count
> doubt it
> gg ez
> Hmm Last I checked I was informing my team of a trash player You the one complaning about getting your tac camped :D
> All Pat does is sit on that headglitch because he crippled its ok guys
> gg ez
> I am a Alabama Nigger and I wanna be free
Warned by IW4MAdmin for Do not use offensive or racist phrases on this server
> :)
> They Dont have to be black : /
> You cant use correct english
> clearly you didnt
> :D
> You need to grow up man
> :D
> Why because you are on my team you are getting upset and when someone gets upset causes them to do bad
> you're*
> It is just a game bud calm down
> I think you need to grow up :D