#1,805 Overall Ranking
1,276 Kills
1,773 Deaths
0.72 KDR
144 Performance
103.9 Score per Minute
20 hour(s) played
14 week(s) since first connection
20 hour(s) since last connection
72 connections
114 Messages
Terminal last map played
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
20 hour(s) ago
> XD
> i went positivw
> finally
> yeah
> rrtyui is a sweat i need lessons
> i am actually mad but this game is too old to be complaining i only play for some fun and a bit off nostalgia
> when modern warfare comes out i am done with this shit
> now i remember why i stopped playing too many sweats jesus christ man
> 7 and 50 my worst one yet
> gg
7 day(s) ago
> mf
> pox op
> box
> lol
> XD
> any one here uses ps4
> yeah
8 day(s) ago
> gg
> weedy has wh
> lol
> too much camping
> i am just worried that the playstyle of the players will be shit
> nah
> i cant wait for modern warfare
> yeah
> just i dont want bo4
> i have ps4
> i cant even get a killstreak
> this game is so sweaty fuck i cant even go positive i used to do so well shit and people have wh and aimbot i just want to play for fun
> this game makes me rage