#1,767 Overall Ranking
7,358 Kills
10,246 Deaths
0.72 KDR
132 Performance
67.6 Score per Minute
0 hour(s) played
19 week(s) since first connection
38 day(s) since last connection
141 connections
686 Messages
Terminal last map played
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
21 day(s) ago
Banned by long guy for Your GUID is generic. Go to nbsclan.org/discord to fix your game.
Unbanned by long guy for changing reason
38 day(s) ago
Kicked by IW4MAdmin for Your GUID is generic. Delete players/guids.dat and rejoin
40 day(s) ago
Banned by IW4MAdmin for You appear to be cheating
> wow racist offences at 2019
> campizi?
> turbodiesel change nick to turbocamper
> excellent camp guys
> turbodiesel camper noob?
> winx noob???
42 day(s) ago
> ok but he is admin
> DLL injection?
> homer pre fire??
> u are not clever.... u call a chopper in front of that harrier??
> 52/53
> lol
> one stinger shot
> nice camp rangers
> camping?
> camping?
> gave agate camper noob??
> awwww how long... camping on the plane to get that chopper and u lose it in 2 seconds
> idiot
> evolik press W
44 day(s) ago
> is the same if u only seat in a corner
> stfu... idiot
> get off from there idiot
> shekel????? for real????
> lol... is true