#0 Overall Ranking
563 Kills
344 Deaths
1.64 KDR
451 Performance
291.1 Score per Minute
2 hour(s) played
13 month(s) since first connection
13 month(s) since last connection
7 connections
39 Messages
Terminal last map played
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [EU] last server played
13 month(s) ago
> johnnyvelele silentaim.
> emm wallhacking
> ?
> _
> any admins here_
13 month(s) ago
> ez when you toggle off lmao
> ahahahahahahahahahhaaha
> 4 games ago retard
> you started cheating after I went 76-13. every gotten a score like that legit? bet you haven't
> try offing yoursaelf
> you're pathetic as fuck dude
> I run around the entire map. then suddenly you prefire me. aight
> why act big when you're just runing a game for people?
> try to kys
> holy shit you fucking retard. I have thousands of hours in this game. you really don't even understand the basics hahahah
> kys faggot
Warned by IW4MAdmin for Do not use offensive or racist phrases on this server
> maybe I have cold blooded and ninja + silencer yet you prefire me around every corner :)
> you're obv as fuck
> dont need it
> what a gg
> fucking cheaters
> and again
> a
> and again
> and again dobby
> maybe understand how the game works before you download a cheat
> dont need a discord to tell you and dobby are cheating
> whats the point in cheating shaq?
> hahahah dobby you are so obv hahahaha