Brown II
#0 overall ranking
6,833 total kills
4,693 total deaths
1.46 kills per death
435 perfomance rating
213.7 score per minute
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
2 days of play time
95 weeks since first connection
15 hours since last seen
115 connections
359 messages sent
Terminal last map played
2 months ago
not that i remember
this server has been bad all week for me
holy lag
peace out homies
Warned by naturalgain for camping
mine is bad
server is fucking struggling
its just the server today
damn aatrope your sniping on 250 ping?
i got wall banged there like 10 seconds earlier
sorry if i fucked over your nuke
hahahaha my b
nice peak
weird flex
tf is this chat rn lol
jfc logan get it together
shit i need my vcard back so im one of the boys
was in too deep to tunr back
i got jebaited by camera angles
how do you stay hard when banging an ugly chick
guys i need some advice
glock battle?
does faze have a lol or dota team
poor jev playing shit games
and jev