[RB] Lycan Deku
#2,450 Overall Ranking
1,657 Kills
1,829 Deaths
0.91 KDR
104 Performance
110.7 Score per Minute
Terminal last map played
27 hour(s) played
21 month(s) since first connection
60 day(s) since last connection
18 connections
25 Messages
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
68 day(s) ago
> at least there are some other ones on here
> there is only 1 good cod1 server so when that shit happens it sucks so much
> i have no clue why servers put terrible fucking maps like this on their rotation
> but comes back when the map is better
> yeah i think if its similar to cod 1 the population dies when the map is shit
> thanks brother n i see shit hopefully i'll get used to this soon
> 6on to 7on but got split
> my best clip is on that game its a 6onx2 shoudl have been
> i do have a decent cod1 montage though
> o i see i'm shit at aiming on pc
> i'm much better at console just trying to switch over and get better
> i'm not a pc player
> jesus mw2 was truly my first cod but like i didnt start sniping and hitting clips till mw3
> thanks for telling me tohugh
> passion
> didnt know that everytime i play this shitty fuckign map on console i liteally back the fuck out i hate this map with a fucking passion
> i'm fine with that didnt know u were doing that ur the only competent one i swear
> no ur good
> thnak god
> can u asshats give them a spawn flag
> thurns wanna help me cap a so we can get c spawn
> dude i wish i can report for griefing how do u still not know about spawn trapign in 2019 on cod
> the objective isnt to fucking cap all flags spawn trap them
> monkeys
> stop capping c