#1,334 Overall Ranking
318 Kills
266 Deaths
1.2 KDR
251 Performance
170.5 Score per Minute
2 hour(s) played
46 week(s) since first connection
23 week(s) since last connection
15 connections
44 Messages
Terminal last map played
[NBS] Terminal 24/7 [US] last server played
23 week(s) ago
Kicked by Frylock for boosting
> why are you guys saying that lmao
> what's with these derogatory remarks
> where
> lol
> ?
> ?
> lmao
> what happend bro
> ?
24 week(s) ago
> damn nice dude
39 week(s) ago
> you right about that, new CoD's play like ass for the most part
> Not saying I haven't told friends to just pirate it, way easier and pointless to support Activision and Infinity Ward in 2019
> Because I've owned this shit since release lmao
> how do you think the rich stay rich lmao
> If you think I'm broke because I wouldn't pay for a 10+ year old game from a shitty publisher you're buggin lol
> bro if you think the fbi cares about some dude pirating a 10 year old game you're buggin
> If I didn't own this game though, you bet your ass I wouldn't be paying for it
> Check my steam account retard l0l
> I have owned it for 10+ years
> I did lmao
> I've bought at least 5 copies of this on Xbox too lmao
> I've had this since release anyway
> Someone who's not retarded enough to pay for a 10+ year old game lmao
> obviously not lmaoo
> who would pay for this game in 2019 lmao
> its included with iw4x lmao
> 75. of the people that play this game are on pirated copies lmao
> he pirated the game and thinks he has to report it to someone lmao
> the fact that you're still goin on about this baffles me lmao