#1,150 Overall Ranking
1,133 Kills
956 Deaths
1.19 KDR
247 Performance
162.2 Score per Minute
7 hour(s) played
23 week(s) since first connection
5 day(s) since last connection
25 connections
46 Messages
Afghan last map played
[NBS] Normal Maps [EU] last server played
5 day(s) ago
> i dont have fun. i dont enjoy anything. I have nothing to live for. Everytime i ound corner i get shot. im not even motivated enough to try. nothing helps
11 day(s) ago
> gg
> gg nerds
> casm is on my team that means im gonna win
> gg
> casm is dope dude look at him go
> there would be no survivors
> imagine him shooting up a school
> that maniac
> it is for casm
> you barret fags are made of pure ritalin
23 day(s) ago
> cleared em out
> thanks striyd
> lol
> gg
> sounds like ur getting razzled dazzled
> fuck outta here
> u guys ive been smacking with the collats
> collateral
> other wise u get gatted
> dont bunch up virgins
> lol
> jerks
79 day(s) ago
> i got all the caps
> all those caps nigga
Warned by IW4MAdmin for Do not use offensive or racist phrases on this server
> fuccin carried you shit heads
> lol nice
> carthate my anus