Sin Abruptly
#366 Overall Ranking
11,808 Kills
7,681 Deaths
1.54 KDR
398 Performance
285.2 Score per Minute
Rust last map played
33 hour(s) played
18 week(s) since first connection
9 day(s) since last connection
165 connections
898 Messages
[NBS] Rust Sniping [US] last server played
12 day(s) ago
> lol im out
> oh great now everyones using ump'
> it was literally all his fault
> i blame cameron
> flex
> it aint that serious, chill w streaks
> w/ sleight
> its mw2 reload speeds
> you dont need a bind on here to make it stack lol
> why the question mark
> but just a yy bind, no
> rapid fire shit is bannable
> no but idk why youd use them lol
> Cant just be sitting in plane the whole time
> cameron you gotta be moving around more
> skilled
> u dont need to aim with g18s
> theyre so broken
> bruh are u actually playing
> 10 - 45
> looks like i got this shit team this game
> Dxtro either play different or leave
Warned DXTRO for Camping again
Warned DXTRO for Camping
> whats good
> Just a heads up
> Violador if you keep going on red roof and not moving Im gonna start warning you
> You might need to reset your stats or something
> Never heard of that happening
> big feed guys