#76 Overall Ranking
4,220 Kills
1,841 Deaths
2.29 KDR
625 Performance
261 Score per Minute
20 hour(s) played
33 week(s) since first connection
26 week(s) since last connection
55 connections
178 Messages
29 week(s) ago
> why not warn him for camping, hes camping
> it wouldnt be if you didnt temp ban people
> lul
Warned by [C8]Mike Tython for Camping
> lul
30 week(s) ago
> yea you whined about it so i brought em out
> no launchers lul
> also i was sniping?
> i hope you get kicked for vpn again
> i finally have teammates that arent helen keller
> just think how ive felt
> hell yea shit team
30 week(s) ago
> fucking rage at the dumb chopper ai
> get like 2 kills
> those are the best ones tho
> lul
> sweat just mad he hasnt been on the game for 10 years doesnt know how shit works
> fucking lul
> 23-14 definitly walling
> spec me and prove it
> prove it
> makes me feel good
> i like how everyone thinks im walling
> with cold blooded on
> i like how you lock onto me with chopper
> and our spawn, and your spawn, and mid mpa
> was in it a bunch tho
> i didnt go under the plane
> i was in your spawn
> if i camped that would be accurate